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If you've ever wrestled with bedding that doesn't fit or found yourself sleeping on a filthy mattress, the revolutionary BunkSox is for you.

  • Protects your mattress
  • Easy clean; just toss in the washer
  • Use it as a mattress cover or sheet
  • Keeps bunks clean and tidy
  • They stretch over odd-shaped mattresses
  • BunkSox are durable & affordable

bunk shortA BunkSox Tidy Tuck Sheet & Mattress Cover is easy to use. It takes less than thirty seconds to slip on. Simply unroll the BunkSox from one end of the mattress to the other, tuck it tight, and your days of wrestling with messy sheets are over.

When properly tucked-in, a BunkSox mattress cover stays in place; no more waking-up in the middle of the night with sheets and covers all over the place.

The new BunkShort is a pint-sized BunkSox for v berth mattress inserts. It's also great for deck cushions.

BunkSox and the BunkShort are easy to care for. The soft, cotton blend fabric we use (50% cotton 50% polyester) maintains its size and shape when laundered. If a BunkSox gets dirty, simply strip it off the mattress and toss it in the washer. Dry with medium heat.

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Fight Condensation With HyperVent & BunkSox

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Sizes & Features

We manufacture BunkSox in three convenient widths: Small (24 to 30 inches), Medium (30 to 40 inches) and Large (40 to 50 inches). Our soft, durable fabric (50% cotton 50% polyester) is specially manufactured to stretch. Each BunkSox is 7 feet long. They can be stretched up to 8 feet.

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BunkSox & HyperVent

HyperVent® is a woven polymer bonded to a breathable fabric. The ¾ inch polymer loops will not compress, allowing dry air to circulate wherever it's placed. Go to HyperVent Online to learn more. A BunkSox protects your mattress. A sheet of HyperVent underneath keeps it dry.

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Buy BunkSox, HyperVent, DexDamp do-it-yourself soundproofing and other useful items from our Mac's Upholstery Online store. In addition to BunkSox, you can purchase BunkShorts from our online store. BunkShorts are designed to protect center cushions in a v berth.